Regaling for Masonic Observances

To: Prince Hall Masons beholding to the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Texas and its Jurisdiction, Adoptive Rites: Grand High Court Heroines of Jericho and Norris Wright Cuney Grand Chapter, Concordant and Appendant Bodies: Grand Chapter Holy Royal Arch Masons, Lone Star Grand Commandery and Lone Star Grand Guild, Texas Council of Deliberations and Texas Council Golden Assemblies

From: Hon. Wilbert M. Curtis
Most Worshipful Grand Master


In agreement with the Masonic Head of Houses beholding to the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge Free and Accepted Masons of Texas and Its Jurisdiction. It is primarily intended for those who are not familiar with and may be misinformed of Masonic Customs as it relates to Masonic Observances.

Each Masonic Body has its own annual public observances which require its members to regale for that occasion. The observance is so stated in the constitution or the general regulation of that Masonic Body. Some of the observances include ceremonies. All public observances by Masonic Bodies of the Prince Hall Jurisdiction of Texas fall under the category of Masonic Customs.

Every effort is to be made by all to not schedule any Masonic functions on these stated dates that will interfere with these stated observances. This include Grand, Regional, District and/or Local body functions.

In accordance with the Constitution of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge Free and Accepted Masons of Texas and Its Jurisdiction, ARTICLE XII, Section 12d, that states all Adoptive Rites of the Grand Lodge shall be pursuant to the Masonic Customs, under the Grand Lodge’s direction and supervision. This also applies to the Concordant and Appendant Bodies beholding to the Grand Lodge under ARTICLE XII, Section 12; organizations that are extended Fraternal Recognition by the Grand Lodge.

When attending the public observances for a Masonic Body, it is customary that you regale as a member of that Masonic Body ONLY. It is respectful to that Masonic Body, proper protocol and common sense. The only Masonic Public Observance that allows all Masonic Bodies to be represented and regale is Prince Hall Americanism Day.

The annual public observances are listed below with proper attire for both male and female members:

Masonic Body Observance Dates Masonic Attire Supporters Attire
Joint Observance Prince Hall Americanism Sunday closest to Sept. 12 All All
Master Masons St. Johns Day Sunday Closest To June 24 Master Masons HOJ/OES
Royal Arch Masons Zerrubbabel Day Sunday closest to Apr 24 Royal Arch Masons HOJ
Knights Templar Ascension Day 40 Days after Easter Thursday or Sunday Service Knights Templar Guild
Scottish Rite Maundy Thursday Thursday Prior to Easter Scottish Rite Golden Circle
Scottish Rite Easter Extinguishing Lights Easter Morning Scottish Rite Golden Circle
Heroines of Jericho Palm Sunday Palm Sunday HOJ Master Masons
OES Palm Sunday Palm Sunday OES Master Masons
  Norris Wright Cuney Day Sunday closest to May 12 OES Master Masons
Guild None None    
Golden Circle None None    

NOTE: This does not include public events like parades and other functions. Those events are regulated by special dispensations from the Masonic Body Head.

Take due notice and govern yourselves accordingly.